Hardwood Lifting Platform (8′ x 8′)

MODEL #3195
hardwood lifting platform (8%e2%80%b2 x 8%e2%80%b2)

Revisions to this weight room staple make it the longest-wearing, best value platform in the industry. The new CAD-developed octagonal frame consists of only four pieces – the left, the right, and the two ramps with flanges that cover and strengthen the joint between the two. Fewer frame bits mean more rigidity and greater ease of assembly.

Frames are now available in any one of our standard frame colors (except the ramps, those are only offered in black) and is constructed from 2 x 3 inch thick tube, which is less likely to get a ding than the extruded channel frames of our competitors.

3⁄4″ thick rubber mats are cut with a water jet for a precision fit and manufactured to withstand the punishment it was built for. The tongue & groove oak footing area is hand-assembled in our factory and treated with the most durable finish you’ll find anywhere.

Also available with an all rubber platform area as the 3195-R.
  • Handmade tongue-and-groove oak footing area.
  • Four-piece tube frame more resistant to dents than channel steel.
  • Also available with an all-rubber surface as the 3194-R.
  • Two ramps.

111.5 x 100.6 x 3

Shipping Weight

1188 lbs.

2x3-Inch, 11 Gauge Steel Frame

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