Pro Decline, Flat, Incline Bench

pro decline flat incline bench
Note: We require this bench to ship Freight (minimum shipping cost ~$90) based on the way it's packaged. Because of this, if you are only needing 1-2 benches and nothing else in your order, we recommend getting FedEx G shipping rates from our other bench selections. Click here to view other bench options

The Pro D.F.I. Bench made for all incline-decline-flat benches with more adjustment options and a heavy duty frame. It is constructed with a 2" x 2 3/4" steel tubing and 2 1/2" thick pads. The 8 different adjustment options allow you to find the perfect angle for your workout. Additionally, the foot pad and seat height is adjustable to maximize your comfort level. Comfort, Durability and Versatility have put this bench on the next level for the best price.
- 8 Adjustment Angles
- Wheels For Easy Mobility
- 2" x 2 3/4" Steel Tubing
- 2 1/2" Thick Pads
- Adjustable Foot Pad Height
- Seat Angle Adjustable
- Footprint: 66'' X 22'' X 52'' (when fully inclined)
- Weight: 77 lbs.

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