Alphatile 1x1m - 15-25-40mm


The excellent impact attenuation properties of our high density rubber tile increase space and equipment protection towards intensive use. Comfortable flooring, easy to install, its acoustic and shock absorption above average make it the best solution to exercise in complete safety.

Stability and safety
Alpha Tiles are an extremely compact flooring solution with excellent compressive strength. This product's anti-slip features make it possible to carry out more technical movements without jeopardizing the safety and stability of the athlete when doing high point load exercises.

Protection and durability
Due to their shock and vibration absorption, they are an excellent option in mechanical terms, while their thickness and density give this product an above-average sound absorption. The high force reduction capability offers greater protection not only for the athlete, but also for the training area and equipment used, providing greater durability.

Smooth surface and easy to install
The fine granules give this product a smooth, slightly porous finish, which results in a soft and easy to clean surface. An effective solution which is easy to install.
High Density | Shock absorption | Sound absorption | Vibration Absorption | Comfort | Easy to install | Anti-slip
Rubber granules and PU binder

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