Olympic Shoulder Bench with Plate Storage

MODEL #3156
olympic shoulder bench with plate storage

Tall bar catch tabs make it easier to rack the weight and there’s a secondary set lower down for safety. Both sets of bar catches feature polymer wearguards to help protect the bar knurling. Another wearguard on the side of the post protects the finish from plates that are propped there during plate exchanges. Bench pad features dense foam and heavy duty 32 oz. top-stitched upholstery, but it’s sized to not get in the way. The angled back pad provides appropriate body placement while maintaining ease of use. Top all of this with a 10-peg chrome plate-storage system and a huge spotter’s platform and you have unsurpassed value.
  • Four sets of bar catches front and rear for enhanced safety/military presses.
  • Large spotter platform.
  • Ten chrome plated, Olympic-sized weight storage pegs.
  • ABS wearguards in the bar catches and on the sides of the posts.

62 x 64.75 x 64.75


345 lbs

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