Slam Balls

slam balls
Overhead movements have proven to be one of the most challenging obstacles in training. Whether it’s a barbell or a slam ball, it is crucial to remember all fundamentals of fitness. The slam ball is one of the best ways to practice overhead movements, not to mention a great way to relieve some stress. There is nothing more satisfying than picking something up and slamming it back down! Our Slam balls are making a lasting impression in the world of strength and conditioning. With sizes from 10lbs to 150lbs you can race against the clock in a cardio setting or test your strength with heavier weight, the perfect substitute for Atlas Stones. All the weight, with none of the break!

10lb - 30lb Slam Balls: 9" Diameter
35lb - 50lb Slam Balls: 10" Diameter
60lb - 70lb Slam Balls: 12" Diameter
80lb - 150lb Slam Ball: 14" Diameter

Get RXd Slam Balls have proven time and time again to be one of the most durable Slam Balls available.

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