Color Competition KG Plates [piece]

color competition kg plates %5bpiece%5d
Main Features:
- Thinner plates allow for more weight onto a bar
- +/- 10g of claimed weight
- Galvanized Steel Disc
- Color Coded for easy identification
- Shore A Durometer of 90 for a consistent dead bounce when dropped

The color coding of the Competition KG Plates makes them easy to identify at a glance, helping athletes, trainers, and coaches run more efficient workouts.
Red = 25KG = 57mm thick
Blue = 20KG = 51mm thick
Yellow = 15KG = 41mm thick
Green = 10KG = 30mm thick

Shore A Durometer: 90
Plate Diameter: 450mm
Collar Opening: 50.4mm
Insert Type: GALVANIZED Steel Disc
Individually tested to within 10 grams of claimed weight


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