TrakHandle Sport


The TrakHandle™ Sport combines high quality materials such as glass filled nylon and stainless steel with precision engineering to produce the most versatile, comfortable and lightest weight exercise handle available, yet can support loads up to 150lbs. The patented TrakHandle™ Sport incorporates three axes of rotation that provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Maximize gains by working muscles through their Full Range Of Motion (ROM) with Rotational Movement. Full Range Of Motion exercises are critical to achieve the greatest gains in muscular development, and rotational movement is the only way to achieve full range of motion. (Read more about ROM and Rotational Movement below.)
Eliminate muscle imbalance and kinetic chain dysfunction caused by standard cable handles. Standard handles and cable attachments restrict natural rotational movement and promote unnatural muscular firing patterns, kinetic chain dysfunction and imbalanced muscle development, which can increase the the potential for injury.
Expand the functionality of existing cable exercise equipment: Increase types of exercises and the quality of exercises that can be performed on any existing cable equipment. The TrakHandle Sport allows the user to perform exercises that are not possible with any other equipment.
Reduce Cost. The TrakHandle Sport outlasts typical handles by several lifetimes which is why TrakFitness backs it with a 3 year warranty.

Range Of Motion and Rotational Movement: Multiple studies have shown that the greatest gains in muscle development are achieved with Full Range Of Motion (ROM) exercises. The only way to achieve full ROM for the muscles of the upper body is with rotational movements. The TrakHandle Sport and other Trak Fitness products are the only exercise handles and cable attachments available that allow the rotational movements necessary for full ROM exercises.

Biceps brachii: Biceps are commonly known as elbow flexors. But they are also the primary supinators (external rotation) of the forearm. To work the biceps through their full range of motion, the exercise must start with the forearm pronated and incorporate external rotation (supination) of the forearm while flexing the elbow.
Pectoralis Major: The Pectorals horizontally adduct the arm. But they are also internal rotators of the arm. To work the pecs through their full range of motion the exercise must start with the arm externally rotated and be rotated internally during the movement. The pectorals also flex and extend the arm depending on the starting position and exercises should be performed to work the pecs from all angles. Rotational movement is critical to achieve full ROM from any position.
Latissimus Dorsi: The lats extend the flexed arm but they are also internal rotators of the arm. So full ROM of the lats is achieved by extending and internally rotating the arm during the exercise.
Deltoids: The delts abduct (or raise) the arm but they also assist in external and internal rotation.  Full range of motion can be achieved for the anterior (front) and posterior (rear) delts by incorporating rotation into the movement.
Rotator Cuffs: Its all in the name. Enough said.

The TrakHandle Sport is the standard of excellence in the Fitness equipment industry. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of any cable exercise machine including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more.

NOTE: TrakHandle Sport is not compatible with TrakBars and TrakRow. Sold individually.
  • Increase mobility and range of motion in your cable exercises.
  • Incorporates three axes of rotation.
  • Full range of motion exercises can increase gains in muscle development.
  • Compensate for muscle imbalance and kinetic chain dysfunction.
  • Backed by TrakFitness with a 3-year warranty.
  • Can support a 150 lb. load.

3 lbs.

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