Battle Ropes

battle ropes
White/Black-Diamond Loop Handles
The Loop Handles provide a nice selection of different grips, while completely removing the need for any handle covers. Additionally, the diamond weave pattern is designed to prevent unraveling.  It is composed of a high-quality nylon material to ensure long-lasting durability and comfort when in use. This battle rope is 1.5" in diameter and 50' or 30' in length. Both the 30' and 50' rope comes with both ends looped.

1.5" / 2" Elite Black Battle Ropes with Reinforced Shrink End Handle
50' x 1.5" or 2". 100% Poly Dacron material with reinforced shrink wrap handles.  Build upper body strength, speed, and endurance with tough polyester/danline ropes featuring poly boot shrink wrap handles. Simply slide the battle rope through any anchor or wrap around any structure and start making waves for the toughest upper body conditioning available. Increase the workout intensity as you move up from 1.5" to 2" diameter ropes thanks to the extra weight and inertia needed.

Warranty on battle rope is void if used on concrete. These are designed to be used on rubber flooring or turf only.

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