Standard Lifting Platform (8′ x 8′)

MODEL #3139
standard lifting platform (8%e2%80%b2 x 8%e2%80%b2)

The larger of our two independent lifting platforms featuring the beautiful yet very durable laminated birch footing area, complemented by thick rubber padding on either side. That shipping weight is not a typo. You’re looking at almost half ton of firm footing and floor protection. The 3139 takes a pounding and keeps coming back for more. Measures 8′ x 8′ and 3 inches thick. Four piece extruded tube frame is simpler, more rigid and more resistant to denting than what you see elsewhere. Steel ramps are supplied for both sides.

Available in any of our standard frame colors, except the ramps, which are always black.
  • Laminated birch footing area.
  • Four-piece tube frame more resistant to dents than channel steel.
  • Super smooth wood finish won’t chip or flake.
  • Two ramps.

111.5 x 100.6 x 3

Shipping Weight

1175 lbs

2x3-Inch, 11 Gauge Steel Frame

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