Oak Inset Platform (4′ x 6′)

MODEL #3223-6
oak inset platform (4%e2%80%b2 x 6%e2%80%b2)

Tongue-and-groove oak combined with our unique hardwood finish provides a beautiful yet very durable wood platform designed to lay flush in a rubber tile floor. This handmade platform is available with a custom graphic to give your lifting area an extra edge.

Measuring four feet by six feet, the Oak Inset Platform was designed to fit perfectly flush when installed with Ecore Everlast UltraTile®, though it may seat nicely with other brands as well.

Also available in an eight-foot version, 3223-8.
  • Handmade tongue-and-groove oak footing area.
  • Wood finish is mirror smooth and won’t chip or flake.
  • Available with custom graphic.

4 x 6

Shipping Weight

125 lbs.

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