Pro Series Stealth Leg Press/Sled

MODEL #7016
pro series stealth leg press-sled

It may not evade enemy radar, but the Stealth Leg Press does have a few other rare talents. Chief among them is the ability to convert any rack or cage into a leg press. Just hang it on the j-hooks, secure the safety straps, set the desired starting position, put an upright bench in front of it (sold separately) and suddenly your cage has learned a new trick.

This is an excellent leg press solution for those that already have a cage or rack, but are limited in floor space for more leg exercises. But, the versatility doesn’t end there, as this is the Pro Series version of the Stealth Leg press, offering additional functionality in also serving as a large step-up platform, as a plate-loaded kick back plate, and as a multi-function push/pull sled!

Comes fully optioned with safety web straps with quick release buckles, chrome-plated Olympic weight pegs, UHMW-layered rods that set the starting position, and more.

Available in all of our standard powder coat finishes. The Stealth Leg Press requires the use of an utility bench set to the upright position, and a rack or cage with two j-hooks.
  • Convert your rack or cage into a leg press.
  • Chrome-plated weight peg can hold up to eight 45-pound plates.
  • Weight is positioned low for proper resistance feel.
  • Adjustable starting positions.
  • Can be configured for step-ups or kick backs.
  • Also functions as a push sled.

34.25 x 49 x 41


274 lbs

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