Assistance Band Pegs

MODEL #3238-U
assistance band pegs

Elastic band pegs placed at the top of the cage provide more versatility in athletic development. By reducing effort at the beginning of the rep, assistance band training can assist athletes in getting through plateaus in their development, allowing them to train with heavier weight. Over time, this allows the athletes to achieve PRs with greater frequency.

Our band pegs are welded directly to the frame using solid steel dowels, so they aren’t going anywhere or bending, no matter the circumstance. They also have stainless steel shaft collars to make sure the bands don’t slip off under load.

Assistance band pegs are standard on Pro Series full cages, but an option on Performance Series full cages.
  • Reduces effort at the beginning of reps.
  • Provides more workout options.
  • Directly welded to the frame.
  • Stainless steel shaft collars prevent slippage.

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