Seated Row

MODEL #906
seated row

If you’re in need of a stand-alone pin select back blaster, look no further than the 906 Seated Row. Like most Legend items, the frame is fully welded, so there’s no assembly, less maintenance and all the rigidity in the world. Steel shrouds cover all the moving parts, while the cable itself is of aviation grade and moves across PowerMax glass-reinforced nylon pulleys that feature shielded bearings. The deep 38.25-inch seat allows users of all heights to find a comfortable starting position, and a chrome-plated foot bar is at the right height to give the right amount of leverage.

Supplied with 200-lb weight stack.

250-lb and 300-lb weight stack upgrades are available.

NOTE: The feet of all pin select machines now feature 3.5 x 3-inch bolt-down tabs for enhanced safety and stability. The dimensions stated here properly reflect this change, but the bolt-down tabs may not be pictured in the photos above.

We reserve the right to make running changes to products in cases where performance or production processes can be improved. This may result in slight physical differences that may not be reflected in the photographs found here.
  • Wearguard-protected handle plate.
  • Supplied with narrow grip vee-handle.
  • Extended-length, top-stitched seat accommodates a wide variety of user heights.
  • Thick, chrome-plated foot pegs are elevated to maximize leverage.
  • Weight stack upgrades available.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon PowerMax pulleys are smooth and prolong cable life.

98 x 24 x 89


630 lbs

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