Supine Leg Press

MODEL #914
supine leg press

One of the safest ways to maintain proper form while performing the squatting motion, this leg press has features that raise it above the competition. A frame with lots of welds but few bolts means that little will loosen over time and absolutely no frame flex during the exercise, and closed linear bearings gliding on 1.25-inch solid steel rods provide uncommon smoothness and less long-term maintenance. Compare to the competition using plastic wheels on tubes.

Weight stack 300 lbs.

400-lb weight stack upgrade is available.

NOTE: The feet of all pin select machines now feature 3.5 x 3-inch bolt-down tabs for enhanced safety and stability. The dimensions stated here properly reflect this change, but the bolt-down tabs may not be pictured in the photos above.

We reserve the right to make running changes to products in cases where performance or production processes can be improved. This may result in slight physical differences that may not be reflected in the photographs found here.
  • Safely perform squats with proper form and reduced back strain.
  • Closed linear bearings on solid steel, chrome-plated rods for uncommon smoothness, less maintenance.
  • 18 x 30-inch aluminum diamond plate foot platform.
  • Mounting/dismounting grab handle.
  • Aviation-grade cabling.

75.75 x 48 x 74.25


1066 lbs.

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