HG Bumper Plate 15KG

hg bumper plate 15kg
1.Unique design makes it more strong than other brand plates, the center ring will not remove after long time drop.
2.Each bumper plate reach IWF standard, 450mm diameter. 
3.Each bumper plate is much smoother than High-Temps,but they won't wear sooner.Recommend to use in rubber floor.
4.High quality economic bumper plates with better price. We use better rubber than other brand in the market.All our bumper plates are made in good condition and are precision made.
5.Average of 88 on the Shore A durometer scale, this makes our HG bumper plates with low bounce and fairly quiet. 
6.Customized available. Making your unique HG economic bumper plates.
7. Black bumper plates with colorful logo, which make the plates easy for users to identify the weight. ( 5kg -- white,10kg -- green. 15kg -- yellow, 20kg ---- blue, 25kg --- red )
·  Plate Diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm)

· Collar Opening: 50.4mm

· Weight tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight

· Coloring : Black with colorful logo

· Odor: No

· Shore A Durometer : 88

· Size: 5kg,10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

·Classification: HG Economic Bumper Plate

·Material: High Grade Rubber

·Thickness:  5kg--24mm +/-1mm, 10kg--37mm+/-1mm  15kg--48mm +/-1mm  20kg--59mm+/-1mm   25kg--69mm+/-1mm

· Logo: Custom logo available 

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