Power Bands

power bands
Our 41" (82" if cut end to end) Resistance Bands are made from a dense rubber latex that is sturdy, flexible and long-lasting. Most commonly used for pull-up and dip assistance but also perfect for mobility, stretching, warm up drills, and even speed and agility. Resistance bands can be incorporated to any exercise program.

Use with any peg set to add extra resistance to your lifts on any Get RXd Rig or Rack

Bands 2.0-3.25 inches thick are most popular for assisted pull ups
- Orange (3.25 Inches Thick) 175-230lbs of resistance
- Blue (2.5 Inches Thick) 120-175lbs of resistance
- Yellow (2 Inches Thick) 120-150lbs of resistance
- Green (1.75 Inches Thick) 100-120lbs of resistance
- Purple (1.25 Inches Thick) 50-75lbs of resistance (also useful for stretching)

Bands 0.5-1.25 inches thick are the most popular for mobility and stretching purposes-
- Purple (1.25 Inches Thick) 50-75lbs of resistance (also useful for assisted pull ups)
- Black (0.8 Inches Thick) 25-50lbs of resistance
- Red (0.5 Inches Thick) 15-25lbs of resistance

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