Infinity Landing Mats

infinity landing mats
These landing mats can be Velcro'd together in ANY length or shape.

Get Rx'd Landing Mats are designed to decrease the amount of impact the body is subject to when rapidly decending on rope climbs, monkey bars or any other activity involving high elevation.  They are constructed with high density foam, heavy duty vinyl and industrial grade velcro straps to endure the most harsh conditions and activities. 
The landing mats are sold by individual 4ft x 4ft x 4in pieces. The industrial grade velcro on the outter edges of the mats allows you to add on as many mats as you see fit in a square, rectangle, L-Shape, T-Shape, or straight line while ensuring that the mats will not be seperated during activity

**Pictured** - 4 connected Landing Mats in square

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