Varsity Series Reverse Back Extension

MODEL #976
varsity series reverse back extension

The importance of a strong posterior chain – low back, glutes, hamstrings and calves – is at the center of athletic performance training. This is where the athlete’s acceleration and speed is born. Glute ham raises are a very effective form of way of training this muscle group, placing an emphasis on the hamstrings, but the Reverse Back Extension places more of the emphasis on the lower back, a common problem area for athletes and non-athletes alike. This machine provides strength training in the concentric (lifting) phase and stretching in the eccentric (return) phase, blurring the line between power training and therapy, making the Reverse Back Extension a machine with both an athletic training component and a rehabilitation component.

Combine these dual benefits with the relative ease-of-use that a selectorized design provides, and you have a device that is just as at home in the chiropractic environment as it is in a weight room.

The Varsity Series Reverse Back Extension is supplied with a 200-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments. Tough but smooth pillow block bearings feature grease fittings for ease of maintenance. PowerMax pulleys prolong cable life and use shielded bearings for long lasting, smooth action. Cam plate features a thick, chrome-plated pop pin plate.

Advantages over the competition:

The swing arm is constantly under tension. This prevents a swinging momentum from building and requires the user to exert just as much effort on the tenth rep as on the first to lift the pendulum upward.
As the swing arm is constantly being drawn forward, which means the lower back stretch that is important for rehabilitation is still there, if not more consistent than in plate-loaded designs.
  • Posterior chain training in user-friendly selectorized form.
  • Rollover pad design increases hip comfort.
  • Range of motion provides more low back stretch than competitive designs.
  • Leg roller pad provides the articulation necessary for proper form.

50 x 34.75 x 55.25


532 lbs

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