MultiSports EnduroCycle 580SL

multisports endurocycle 580sl
Introduced by the company that bred Get RXd

Durable spin bike for conditioning. Mostly used as a running substitute, warm-up, cool-down, or rehab tool. Eliminates any kind of impact to joints. 

Comes with:
Commercial Warranty
Heavy-Duty 50LB Cast-Iron Flywheel: Generates life-like momentum to simulate outdoor bicycles
Upgraded Pedals: Toe Cup and straps on top side for secure footing
Upgraded MultiGrip Handlebar: Rubber Covering for rust resistance. Up to 5+ different handlebar positions
Upgraded Split Seat: Wider, more padding, and more comfortable than most bike seats
4-Way Adjustable Seat with numbered markings along length and height
4-Way Adjustable HandleBars
Heavy-Duty Axle and Crank System

A durable spin bike featuring:
1-5/8" x 4" 165 lb Frame
50LB Cast Iron Flywheel
Belt Drive
Adjustable forward/back + up/down handlebars
Adjustable forward/back + up/down seat
Pedals with Toe Cup and Strap

Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 20"
Bike Weight: 165 LBs
Max User Weight: 350 LBs
Drive: Belt Drive

Optional Monitor Add-On Features:
2.4GHZ Wirelss Console
Measures Speed, Cadence, RPM, Heart-rate, Distance, and Time

Optional Pair of SPD Cleat Pedals: Take your workout to a whole new level!
- Toe cup
- SPD clip-in design

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